Professionals from all walks of life can use dormant assets from their business to achieve the creation of wealth for the purposes of future retirement planning
using time tested programs and exit strategies.

Although we do not give tax advice, we have found a great many who use these time tested programs gain tax advantaging in the areas of contributions, growth, and exit strategies. We do recommend business owners seek the advice of their tax professional concerning these proprietary, and patented  programs.

Whether you have a medical, dental, law, or general sales type of business, we believe the use of the partial value of your business, and/or your accounts receivable may be the dormant assets you could use for a financed planning program.

Please understand financed planning is not factoring. In fact, if your account receivables are factored, it is still possible to use their value in a financed planned program.

A financed planned program allows selectivity for the business owner allowing them to choose who will be able to participate in the program, unlike qualified plans such as 401k's, pensions, and profit sharing plans that require all those working at the business be included in the program.

Unlike qualified plans, it is possible to retire pre-59 1/2 without having to suffer the 10% penalty that might be imposed by the IRS on qualified plans. Also, it is possible to have an insured program that will provide tax free access as well as income tax free transfer to named beneficiaries. Plus, there are no required minimum distributions that must be taken starting at age 70 1/2 like those from
qualified plans.