We offer many options, plans, and programs to choose from.

Every person has their own specific needs and personal goals. We taylor programs to meet the goals of our clients to provide them with tax free income, and tax free growth for their personal retirement. We do so using proven methods and programs. 

We have several programs that could help you achieve your anticipated goals.

During the past 35 years, we have had the privilege of helping thousands of people attain their desired goals,
enabling them to enjoy their retirement years knowing their golden years will be just that - golden.

We do things a bit different than the usual norm. The proven
programs we employ on behalf of our clients give them the choice to avoid the traps that so many of qualified plans have.
Qualified plans are programs that allow you to deduct your contribution from income. Some examples are IRA's, 401k's, 
Profit Sharing plans, etc..    

At first, they sound really good, but did you know that for every dollar you deduct from income before retirement, you may have to pay 6,7, or 8 dollars in tax during your retirement? Did you know your heirs may have to pay income tax on what you leave them in you IRA account in the year they receive it?

We help good folks like you to avoid traps like these.
Some may say "it sounds too good to be true". We ask you to remember the words of the world reknowned economist John Maynard Keynes. He said, "The worst form of ignorance is to judge or reject something we know little or nothing about."

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Our seniors department staff specializes in the areas only directed to senior citizens.

  1. Learn how you may be able to:
  2. Increase income
  3. Reduce Taxes
  4. Use dormant assets
  5. transfer tax free to heirs
  6. How to get free LTC  
  7. Avoid Required Minimum distributions from IRA's
  8. Increase the values of your 401k account.

1946 To 1964
Were you born in any of the  years indicated above?


So what does this mean to you?
Your parents may be retired.
You may inherit their wealth.
You may be close to retirement.
You should be planning for your retirement.
Your kids may be in college.

Escalating costs have thrown a monkey wrench into your long term planning.

You worry if you can take care of you and your parents.
The market has been less than generous to your planning.
You are tired of erratic actions of the market and wonder if there is a better way to have your financial future solidified.

Maybe, just maybe, now is the right  time for you and yours.

Have you truly explored all of your options? Do you work for someone else, or do you have your own business?
In either case, there are ways for you to put into action plans and programs that will serve your needs and wants for your own welfare and benefit.

These plans and programs are not, normally, discussed 
bymost advisors.    

These methods are tried, and proven, and work. They are
moral, legal, and ethical, but few take advantage of these
programs. Sound too good to be true? NOT SO! You just haven't been given information to understand what benefits and options are available.

For Seniors  

For Individuals