At Southwest Capital Advisors, we treat people with courtesy, and respect. We help our clients achieve their goals with proven strategies that have stood the test of time.

Our expertise helping clients achieve their goals in creating wealth that will sustain them through their retirement years has set us apart from the norm.

The plans we have helped them establish continue to support their spouses, their children, and their charities upon their demise.

Our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. We employ the use of Proprietory, and Patent Pending Programs that ensure  tax advantaging during all phases of wealth creation -

and Transfer. 

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Southwest Capital Advisors, llc is a firm specializing in Personal Retirement  Planning using proven programs to achieve the best results for the client. We have been serving clients with honor and integrity since 1990. We focus working with medical professionals, business owners, and individuals to help them  create wealth using their active and dormant assets with proven methods that offer safety, stability, selectivity, and tax advantaging.


Southwest Capital Advisors, LLC

is a firm specializing in Personal Retirement Planning. We have been serving our clients with honor and integrity since 1990, offering proven methods that offer safety,stability, selectivity and tax advantaging.


"We help people get more out of what they have,Preserve what they have, Protect what they have for themselves and their heirs, and Pass on their Legacy with little reduction." 


Are your annuities working as hard for you as they should? 

Will your annuities pass to your heirs income tax free?

Do your annuities give you income and still pass 100% of your annuity funds to heirs?

Are you getting the most out of your savings as you can - safely?

Will your IRA's and CD's runout before before you do?
If it were possible, would you like keep all of your earned interest and not share it with the IRS?

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